Our Story

We created fitnessjunkie® for everyone with the urge to fuel their addiction. With the name fitnessjunkie® we want to attract everyone who identifies as a fitnessjunkie® regardless of what type of athlete they are. Through our clothing brand we want to inspire athletes everywhere to be active - to be true fitnessjunkie®!

We noticed that people have been using the #fitnessjunkie on social media for a long time and we wanted to make something more out of that. Creating a social belonging through our brand has always been a big part of the idea and the concept. We want to create a community of like-minded individuals who share the idea of fitness being a lifestyle rather than a quick fix or a trend.

About Fitnessjunkie.com
Fuel your addiction - Fitnessjunkie.com

Fuel your addiction, be a true fitnessjunkie®

The eight circles in our logo represent different aspects of how fitness takes place in your day to day life. Flexibility, Resistance, Force, Progress, Agility, Velocity, Dicipline and Constancy. Together they create fitnessjunkie®.

 Flexibility - The quality of bending easily without breaking.

 Resistance - The power to work against something.

 Force - Strength and energy as an attribute of physical movement.

 Progress - Development towards an improved condition.

 Agility - The ability to adapt through the ever changing process of life.

 Velocity - The speed at which something happens or moves.

 Dicipline - The ability to control yourself, even in hard situations.

 Constancy - The quality of being enduring and unchanging.